Saturday, March 1, 2014

Time to get ready for spring...Spring Bootie Buster Challenge

It's sign up time for the Spring Bootie Buster Challenge (SBBC). Amanda @ RunToTheFinish is hosting the second Spring Bootie Buster Challenge. This is my, I think, 5th Bootie Buster Challenge. I love them and I think you should give it a try.

So, what is it? It's a 7 week "Challenge" of motivation, workout ideas, clean eating recommendations and motivational support of a great group of like-minded ladies! (although, Matt did participate the first year and he always asks if any other guys are participating. ;) )

When does it all go down? Sign up is now, but the challenge runs from 17 Mar to 4 May. Currently, registration is only $12.50, but will shortly go up to $17, and then to $25 on the 17th.

Who is it? Amanda @ RunToTheFinish is a great friend who I met several years ago while running in the Nike Run Club on South Beach! She is awesome and pulls together a great event with AMAZING PRIZES! oh, had I not mentioned the prizes yet? They are always SUPER SWEET! One year I won Oakley and McDavid compression tights, and another year a sweet skin care kit. And every year, I have FUN and see RESULTS.

What results, you might ask? Well, whatever you're looking for and are ready to dedicate to reaching! During 2012's H(oliday)BBC, my goal was to just stay active and eat my freggies to maintain my healthy pregnancy! In last year's SBBC, which either started a few weeks before my beautiful CAT was born, my goal was just to eat healthy and walk enough to help spur on labor so I could have the water birth that I'd planned! I met my goals during both of those challenges!
Our Family Countdown Challenge
Workout during HBBC '13

During this year's HBBC 2013, my goal was to help me eat my freggies and enjoy exercising so I could shed off the last few pounds I was holding onto! Success! Just after the HBBC, I was back to my pre-pregnancy weight! And I'm feeling pretty good!

Are you ready to join us and get some motivation to get ready for spring and summer? If so, find more information here and register. Please add either my name (Samara Elledge) or my blog name as the referral when you do sign up!

And, I'll see you on the SBBC Facebook page for motivation!

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