Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Back to the Pavement...err..dirt!

Two things of note have occurred this week: ME and I signed up for our first triathlon in a few months and I ran for the first time since my last April!
Race selection first. ME has been itching to get back to, not so much. I’m not sure what’s been the deal, but I haven’t been the most excited about races recently. I think it’s a combination of having to compete in all of the races alone that ME and I had signed up for together last year when he deployed to Haiti for a few months. Then, we’d trained for the Miami ING marathon this January and two weeks before the race, I flared up with plantar fasciitis and was unable to race. Then, again, we signed up for the Nautica SoBE tri because ME wanted to and, yet again, the Army called and I got to compete by myself (although thankfully a great friend competed as well, so I wasn’t alone). So, I really do enjoy competing in triathlons and running races, but I was just burnt out a little bit. But, I’m feeling ready to get back on track and so ME and I signed up for the Houston Triathlon on 23 Sep. 
ME and I ready to go
With that decision, it’s now time to start focusing our training on swimming, biking, and running again! Yesterday, our friend Amanda at RunToTheFinish, posted a great note about how we all GET to run. So, when ME suited up for a run on the hottest (as of that time) day of the year to run out at Memorial Park, I took her motivation and threw on my skirt (why run in anything else?) and hopped on the back of the scooter and we explored Memorial Park. It only took us 30 minutes of running in the shade of wonderful trees and up unfamiliar hills (c’mon, we’ve been in Miami for 2 years!) to realize we were actually running on the mountain biking trail! But, we now know where all the runners are and we’ll hit them up next time we get the urge to venture out.
Trying to get motivated for the run.
Having not run, except the 10k in the tri, in about 8 months, I felt like a rookie, I couldn’t get my ipod to track my run, then couldn’t find a comfortable spot for my ipod to attach, and my headphones kept falling out and/or I was getting tangled in the cord! But, we managed to have a great run and enjoy the day and the scenery (and maybe even those nasty hills). I won’t say it felt great, but it felt decent and I won’t be so afraid of getting out there anymore for fear of the PF flaring up again.

What motivates you to get out and exercise or train? Is anything currently holding you back?

Beat the Heat and get out there and exercise...and don't forget to rehydrate!

~ Samara
Things I’m Thankful for Today:
~ Exercise for the fun of it
~ Crafty solutions for the satellite dish
~ New ideas to save $$
~ Multi-national style dinners that actually come together


  1. Yea! Hope it didn't hurt too much. And for the record, I don't run in anything but skirts. My shorts are reserved for when I break my arm and need pants I can get on with 1 hand.

  2. Bec! You're the one who turned me onto many years ago! You sent me the link to Skirt Sports and I never looked back! You are a trendsetter! ~Sam

    Note: try not to break your arm again! Shorts stink! ;)