Thursday, June 2, 2011

What?...There’s Sugar in That?

If you’re on day 2 of sugar free challenge with might have found yourself asking this same question! While I may not be 100% sugar free in the last 48 hours, my awareness of sugar in foods is growing...and at least that is growth, right?! :)
As I left the house in a hurry for yoga this morning, I grabbed a bottle of Dry Roasted Almonds as some fuel for the day. My willpower was strong and I left that identical jar labeled “Sweet and Salty” Mixed Nut blend (which is my current obsession) right there on the island. An hour later, I threw a handful of these ‘dry roasted almonds’ into my mouth as I ran into the gym for BodyPump. After my Spinning class, I went to grab some more almonds - needed energy - but thought to look at the ingredients, just to check. Lo and Behold....halfway down the ingredients breakdown: SUGAR! Straight up! Why on earth would sugar be needed to dry roast my almonds? Darnit! Foiled again!
But while we’re looking at the ingredients of my almonds....why also are there so many other ingredients. As Kelly so eloquently put it: “The only things listed should be: Almonds, Roasted”. I’d maybe add some salt! But goodness! Now I’ve got to find sugar free ‘dry roasted’ almonds! 
Have any of you had these aha moments? Finding sugar hidden in your daily foods? Is this challenge helping you to check out those ingredients a little closer? 

My Goal for tomorrow: looking at the ingredients BEFORE I pop those snacks in my belly!


  1. lol, i know! it's ridiculous where the sugar is all over the place, i'm becoming much more aware.

    what is the most confusing is when you check and it says 0g sugar, but right there in the ingredient list is sugar.

  2. Ashley, you are so right, it's frustrating. They say that if there is less then one gram Orr serving they can list it as 0. But what if it has .5 grams and you have 2 servings?!? Grrr! It drives me nuts! The best thing to do is try to eat as much fresh and homemade food ad possible so you know exactly what's in it. -Kelly

  3. I know! After I stopped eating sugar a couple years ago, I'd get sick and couldn't figure out why. When I went back and looked at what I ate, I would see small amounts added in (1-2g), and that really adds up. Now we just don't keep that stuff around the house.

  4. It really causes you to be aware of what you're eating. You are so right on about keeping it out of the house! That's the best solution!

    ~ Sam