Thursday, August 11, 2011

Healthy Breakfast in a (semi) Hurry

Ok, so, we all know breakfast in a HURRY can involve, well, to be honest, nothing - Bad Idea. Other, slightly better-for-us options could include:
  • protein shake
  • protein bar
  • smoothie
  • perhaps some whole lean protein, a piece of fruit, and a handful of nuts (nice quick option)
As I awoke this morning with just enough time to grab a Clif bar and run out the door to teach BodyPump, I left ME and Kel in the kitchen. Kel is always on the go and often eats breakfast at work, but ME was heading off to school and could have used a nice hearty, healthy breakfast! I felt guilty leaving him in the dust to fend for himself when, if I’d just gotten out of bed 10 minutes earlier, I could have given him a nice healthy send off - and Kelly too! (rewind the clock to 6 am when I heard my alarm go off and scrambled eggs with the lean turkey I already have browned sounded just SO HARD to put together!) 
When I returned from the gym, I whipped up an even faster breakfast so that next time I find myself lying in bed with this dilemma, I will choose to be a caring wife who chooses cooking breakfast for her husband over getting 6 more minutes of sleep! (now, don’t let me guilt you here, husbands are just as capable of cooking their own breakfasts, but sometimes, I like to pamper him...but to be fair, he often cooks me breakfast in bed. i.e. YESTERDAY! - now I feel even MORE guilt! ha!)
In about 5-6 minutes, here is what I threw together:
Eggs “Almost” Florentine
2 Eggs, fried over easy
2 Handfuls of raw baby spinach
2 oz. low sodium deli ham, sliced
Braggs Liquid Amino Acids
Cooking spray
Salt and Pepper to taste
Heat a non-stick skillet over medium high heat. Add the spinach and stir occasionally until slightly wilted (If the spinach begins to stick to the pan, add some water or broth to the pan). Place wilted spinach on a plate and season lightly with the Liquid Amino Acids.  Spray the same skillet lightly with cooking spray. Add the ham and stir lightly, then push to the side to continue to heat through as you use the remainder of the pain to fry your eggs.
To plate: Add ham atop spinach, and place the eggs on top. Enjoy!

Yes, that's half-eaten! Don't judge!

Now, if you wanted some carbs for some nice energy, you could be cooking an easy pot of oatmeal at the same time as your Eggs! Again, I was too lazy for that today! ;)

~ Samara


  1. ok so the braggs is the only part of that i haven't done. I don't know much about them, please do write a post on that :)

  2. We'll cover it next week. I hadn't used it in a few months, since my spray bottle ran out; but JB ordered us to get some for the house and start using it again, so Kelly picked some up a few days ago and we keep it out on the counter as a reminder to add to our meals!