Friday, August 12, 2011

Magazine Crazy (part 2)

As Kel has mentioned previously in Magazine Crazy (now part 1), we love magazines. I have a bad hoarding trait, that I know was transmitted into me as part of my genes from my father. He loves to read and there are always little piles of medical magazines, journals and books surrounding his side of the bed. So, I have to work hard to keep myself from creating these same piles in my home. 

A pile I still have to go through ~
Nope, I'm not perfect...yet! ;)
In part 1, Kel offered a great way to keep and organize magazine clips that you want so you can get rid of the stacks of magazines! Since then, I’ve found another solution that I am head over heels for: the Evernote App.  I downloaded it for my iPhone initially and then learned that I can also access anything I upload via my macbook through either logging into the webpage or downloading the App! I was super gungho about this App when I first learned of it and obsessively started going through my stacks of magazine clippings, taking photos, and uploading to Evernote. What I quickly learned, is that the free App only allows you to upload a certain amount of data per month. When ME saw my excitement for getting organized and the cleansing that this App was providing, he encouraged me to pay the annual fee ($5/mo or $45/yr) - he said it was worth keeping me sane - and probably his house PILE FREE! With the premium service, you can upload 1GB of data per month as well as more benefits. 

The features that I love the most are that I can upload photos and that I can tag files for easy searching later. 
A few of my notes in Evernote
I can take a snapshot of a full magazine page and then scroll around the page in the note to read every little article. I also use it to take pictures of my BodyPump choreography books so I can always have access to my chory for every release without having to lug all the books around! And being able to tag each article about leg exercises, for example, allows me to quickly search new exercises by body part, muscle, type of workout, etc! I’m sure that I’ve only scratched the surface of what this App can do, but I love it already!

I would recommending testing out the free version and seeing if that will work for you for awhile. If you like it, it might just be worth your while to upgrade!
~ Samara

Things I'm Thankful for Today:
~ New work projects I can do from home
~ Filling up the gas tank on my scooter for less than $5
~ New opportunities


  1. ohh that's an idea! I have started forcing myself to go through my ridiculous magazine pile every couple months and purge. I rip out articles I want to refer to later and file them in folders...and no I have not yet gone back to open any of those folders :)

  2. I love it. I use it for everything; notes on ideas, pics of things I see around town that I like, recipes. LOVE IT! :)

    Yes, before this, I had all my clippings in a folder and never went back to them ~ now I access them on the go! It's become my on-the-go fitness notebook!