Sunday, December 9, 2012

HBBC Week #3 Recap

Started the week with broccolini
in my ham and eggs.
Another successful HBBC week! I am really happy with how the group and the challenge is motivating me to get out there (mostly out of bed in the morning) when I'd rather stay tucked in!  I blew both my run/walk mileage and my points totals out of the water. Part of that was due to Matt being away on business and so I was encouraged by a wet nose to get out and run and walk more than normal. But, hey whatever it takes, right? Can I keep up the mileage? That's my plan! As far as freggies, I'm doing very well and am so happy about that. I'm still craving fresh fruits, but I also picked up a bag of dried mangos and cherries for when I'm on the go (and maybe to go in my belly in lieu of gummi bears!) Additionally, I've started keeping a bag of spinach in the fridge for my morning eggs. That's just too easy to do, but for the longest time, I just didn't feel like it!

HBBC Week #3 Roll-Up: 
Miles Run/Walk: 13.69
Strength/Core Workouts: 3
Yoga Practice: 7
Group Cardio Workouts: 1
Swims: 1Days w/ Complete Freggies Intake: 7

Total Weekly HBBC Points: 48.79
Bonus Points: 8

Week 3 Goal: Swim!

I got my swim in. I had to overcome a few obstacles...old equipment and then being out of swimming shape. But once I got through that, I got in a 30 minute swim on Friday and am so happy that I did. My back felt great while swimming, but the second I stepped out of the water, gravity kicked in again. (can we live in the water) I intend to continue to get at least one swim in a week, maybe even more!  

Surprise of the week: Yoga practice on Saturday was great in that it was like it was planned for me. Our instructor lead a whole practice on hip openers! Awesome, that's just what I've been working on to help loosen up my back. My buddy and I left feeling awesome; she felt so great that she came over in the evening and took the puppy out for a 4 mile run!

Week 4 Goal: Keep up my run/walk mileage. My goal will be to get in between 10-15 
Tired puppy post run.
miles between runs and walks. 

Have you had to overcome some obstacles to meet your weekly goals? Have you ever felt like a group workout was created with just you in mind?


  1. Yeah for getting your swim in! I really need to get back to the pool, it's been WAY too long (and I'd love to do a triathlon this summer!). Aren't hip opening yoga classes the best? I wish my studio would offer a regular hip focused class on the schedule so I could know when to go to get exactly that!

    1. Thanks, Danielle! The swim was great (after the initial shock of how challenging the first few laps were!).

      Tight hips are so common with runners that a hip-opening class would be great! I'll keep that in mind for when I open my studio! :)