Thursday, December 6, 2012

Don't Leave Home Without 'em: Dried Plums...

...aka prunes! Whatever could be the topic for today? If you know me, like Jamie Lee Curtis, I'm not shy about talking about regularity. ;) I wrote a bit on how and why I incorporate probiotics into my diet awhile ago. Check it out here. Growing up, I was always regular, but a few years ago, when I did my first serious juice cleanse to start the new year, I learned first hand what it's like to not be, and I was not a fan. That is when I really understood the importance of probiotics as well as an added benefit of healthy fats: to keep it all flowing smoothly!
This is my prebiotic, probiotic, enzyme powder.
See "Note"!

When I became pregnant, I began to read pregnancy books and websites and read that a possible side affect of pregnancy is hemorrhoids. Thankfully I've never had them, but I really don't want to find out what they feel like either. And a means to prevent them is to stay regular! So, I wanted to take probiotics as they are my go-to in this department, however everything says to 'consult your physician' before taking while pregnant, right? Even the back of my probiotics bottle and packets say that. So, at my first appointment, I ask my doctor if it's alright if I take probiotics. He looks at me funny and says, "why do you want to take probiotics?" Now, I know why...because it helps to keep my stomach and intestines healthy. But in that moment, queried by a Professional, of course I froze up and imagined him envisioning me with Jamie eating yogurt! So, like a dork I just said, "uh, because I eat a lot of vegetables and like to stay regular." And then he didn't say anything. So, I still don't know if it's ok or not! What did I do at this point? Turned to a food that I know helps with this matter as well;

And here's how we have come to prunes! 
Look: Fiber and Antioxidants!
I had one questionable day in the regularity department about a week after the aforementioned appointment. And somehow prunes popped into my head, so I ran to the store and grabbed a package. Guess what, I ate just one that night and before the night was done, I was good to go. I was also sold. Since that day, I have eaten the package stated serving size of 5 a day and all has been running smoothly! I have converted Matt as well and we are so serious that, when we traveled to DC for the Army Ten Miler in October, our first stop was the store where we picked up prunes, Naked Juice, and bagels. :)

If you haven't tried prunes yet, and you've been searching for something to keep things moving, by all means, please join us on the prune train! You'll never go back! As an added benefit, I get two fruit servings per day, plus FIBER! (If you're on the HBBC, you know how big that is this month!)

Do you have any secrets to keeping yourself running smoothly? ;) Please share!

Note: Head to head comparison by Matt and I between Sunsweet and Del Monte and we overwhelmingly preferred Sunsweet, so I was stoked to find this huge bag at Costco this week. Sunsweet's were more plump and juicy!

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