Tuesday, December 18, 2012

HBBC Week #4 Recap

We've finished week four of the Holiday Bootie Buster Challenge and, while I stepped back a bit on my level of exercise, I'm perfectly okay with that. This is the lowest points week that I've had yet in the challenge, but I was traveling and we just had a busy week in general, so I did what I could and I still feel good. I have kept on track with the fruits and veggies and that is helping me to feel great. There was a day and a half of traveling/conference/dinners that I had no control over what I ate, but I still managed to stay on with my freggies. 

HBBC Week #4 Roll-Up: 
Miles Run/Walk: 12.04
Strength/Core Workouts: 2
Yoga Practice: 1
Group Cardio Workouts: 1
Swims: 0
Days w/ Complete Freggies Intake: 7

Total Weekly HBBC Points: 28.04
Bonus Points: 8
It was in the 30s and I was running:
This is actually a big victory!

Week 3 Goal: Keep up my run/walk mileage. My goal will be to get in between 10-15  miles between runs and walks.

Even though I was traveling mid-week and was too lazy to pack workout gear ;), Matt's early morning-week encouraged me to get out there and jog with the dog on days where I would have otherwise stayed in bed! And when Sunday morning rolled around and I was short of meeting my 10 mile minimum goal, Matt asked me one more time if I wanted to join he and the puppy on their run. Even though it was super short (because I just wasn't feeling it), it was enough to get me over 10 miles for the week! Small victories, right? 

Surprise of the week: Well, my surprise this week was how pregnancy has already affected my yoga practice. Last week, I had practiced yoga each day in order to help relieve the stress in my back, which I am sure is a side effect of the baby. However, during the yoga class last Saturday, I realized about half-way through that I needed to take it a little easier, so I did. But I am still feeling like I've overstretched  (another side effect of being pregnant) my hip flexors and groin and so I've been taking it easy on the stretching front.
My running buddy, asking
me why I'm so slow!

Week 4 Goal: Pick back up on the overall exercise level. Matt is supposed to be getting home early from work this week, so our plan is to get to the gym together after that!

Are you letting holidays affect your workout routine? Are you letting that get you down, or accepting it and then setting your #bestfoot forward again?


  1. Great week! So far I've stayed on top of my workouts during the holiday season. We'll see how that goes after family starts to arrive this week :)

    1. Thanks! This week my issue seems to be a chest cold. I have no desire to leave the couch! Walking the dog may be my only exercise for a few days...

  2. :) I so wish I was close enough to see your little pregger's body you're adorable...and such a winter wuss. I can say this after having feared our midwest trip!!