Saturday, December 8, 2012

Jumping back into the pool

Me and Noni, sometime in the 80s.
My goal for the HBBC this week was to get into the water at least once. It's Friday and I met my goal! Whew! It was close! I planned on starting the week off right and swimming on Monday, however, upon pulling out my swimming gear, realized 1. that my goggle straps were dry-rotted and 2. I might not even have a swimsuit that fits! Yikes! Being a swimmer, I should know better, right? I guess, if I really am still a swimmer, I wouldn't have gone a year without swimming and I wouldn't be in this predicament! But, such is life, so I'm not going to beat myself up about it. :) Monday afternoon, I ordered some new goggles, as well as a new swimsuit, and they should be in tomorrow. But, I won't have time to swim tomorrow and I just know me and won't do it on Sunday, so I had to fit it in while I was at the gym today.

I remembered that I had another pair of goggles in my boat bag; they are sunglass goggles, but they'll work. And I figured I could just wear my training two piece that I normally reserve for summer outdoor laps. So, I packed up my stuff before BodyPump class and told my girlfriend that I was going to swim after class so I couldn't back out!

After BodyPump, I headed to the pool. (Thankfully, the top of my swimsuit can still hold me in, even though my chest has grown 4 sizes in the last 5 months!) Once at the pool, a pro-aqua jogger made sure that I knew I had to shower beforehand; she must've read swimmer all over me...'cause, um, we don't shower...that's what the pool is for! But, I didn't want to get kicked out, since I work there, so I showered and then hopped in.

2009 Alumni Meet;
goggles pre-dry rot!
And holy cow, the first 400 yds almost kicked my butt! Long gone are the days of 6,000m workouts. I went in with a goal of 30 minutes and realized early, that wouldn't get me far, but that it would be enough! The next two 400s were much better, once I found my stroke again. I also needed to tweak my flip turn. Apparently I arch my back too much when pushing off the wall and it pulled on my lower abs, which are really tender and stretchy now! So, once I started bracing my core, things felt much better. I finished off with 4x25yd sprints and 100yd cooldown. 1400 yds, but, wow, I was pooped and starving!

Good news, I was happy to be back in the water. During the HBBC, I plan on setting a new goal each week, and adding that to my new baseline. So, the baseline is set, at least one swim per week. I know swimming will come in extremely handy over the next few months, so I'm glad I had the HBBC to push me back into the pool.

What goals is the HBBC helping you to reach? Do you have any goals for the next 4 weeks?


  1. Yay! Glad you had a nice swim. Even though my best event used to be 500 free, I hate swimming that far just freestyle! :) But I make myself swim more than 200 free so I won't be so whiny. Where did you order your swim stuff?

    1. haha! I'm a backstroker, but right now, free is just about all I can manage! :) I ordered from The suit is great and it was very affordable; especially for one I just need to get me through a few months mid-pregnancy and then hopefully just another few post pregnancy...I have high hopes. ;)