Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Race Report: Nautica South Beach 2011 Classic Distance Triathlon

Competed in the Classic Distance Triathlon this weekend. I wasn’t exactly sure what distance that was until Saturday. It includes: 750m swim, 19 mile bike, 4 mile run.

Race conditions were warm and muggy, ocean current, but not even half as bad as 2010

Racing buddies: Jack – who attended some of the race weekend seminars and shared tidbits he learned: when running through the surf, run with your lower legs out to the side to take your legs over the surf. When the surf is deep enough, start using the dolphin method to get out until swim depth. Dolphin method is diving under the surf, streamlining, then pushing off the bottom back up for air, and repeat.

Swim: Water was barely wet suit legal. I wore my wetsuit, and the swim was short enough to remain cool enough and reap the benefits of the wetsuit. I just am unsure if the benefits of gaining time during the swim were offset by the time required to pull the wetsuit off in transition.

Bike: Bike was good. Struggling with why I can kick tail on the hills (yes, the few hills in Miami; read: bridges), but then the people that I feel like I fly by while they are standing still on the hills, then come flying past me on the flats. Need to work on that!

Run: just trying not to aggravate the plantar fasciitis from which I’m recovering, so just ran nice and steady. No cramps in my quads, so that’s an improvement as well. Only had a stitch in my side; from over or under hydration?

All in all, the race went as well as could be expected. 9 out of 53 in my age group. So, no complaints from here.

Thanks to Amanda, RunToTheFinish, for cheering me on at each leg and providing the finishing line photo.

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