Monday, April 18, 2011

Group Exercise Classes - Why they are great!

So, being a personal trainer who is often focused on individual clients, you'd think I'd have some issues with group exercise classes.  Some trainers feel that the lack of individual attention will lead to participants using bad form, not giving 100% or just not being pushed to their level of fitness.  While there is some validity to these points, I think the benefits outweight the possible negatives.  I am a big believer in ultimate cross training, I think a little bit of everything is good for everyone!   I don't believe that you can get by with only group classes, I think there is a place for them in your fitness routine. I teach Les Mills Body Attack, it's a sports oriented high energy class.  We launched brand new choreography this weekend and it was a great class that left me with an exercise high!   Group classes afford people the chance to jump in and try things they normally wouldn't do, take the exercises at their own level and feed off of the other participants energy.  My class this Saturday had great energy and it took us all to a higher level, the lunges were deeper, folks pushed out a few more push ups then they previously thought they could and the high knee runs were higher!  Some other reasons to include group exercise classes into your routine:
1. you can try something new
2. you don't have to think of a workout, the instructor has done all planning
3. you can meet new people
4. being around people will push you harder
5. you, along with the rest of the class really feel like you've accomplished something once that hour is finished (and you have!!)
So, I'd like to encourage all of you to add a class or two to your routine, they're fun!  Don't worry if you don't know the moves or you've never done it before, remember, everyone was new at one point!  What are your thoughts on group exercise?  What keeps you from joining a class?  I'd love to hear some comments!!

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