Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Who are we and what are we all about?!?

You are probably saying, “Yet another blog about physical fitness? Really?  What’s this one about? Running? Weightlifting?  Diets?”  Well, the real question is what is this blog NOT about?  Between the two of us, we (Samara and Kelly) have tackled many fitness issues and challenges and are still muddling our way through so many more.   We are starting this blog as a place to share our learnings with as many people as we can!  Its tough figuring out how to reach your potential in any fitness activity, maybe something we’ve learned can help a few of you out there, and hopefully you all can teach us a few things!  The way we see it, Life is good J! We’ve only got one body, so let’s share together everything we’ve learned to make the most of this one life, with the strongest, most fit body possible.

Samara and I have been athletes all of our lives (or so we thoughtJ ). When we met, as college roommates, I ran track and Samara was a swimmer. I think we both considered ourselves pretty fit then…but we’ve come a long way…and we’re still going.  For example, yes, I ran track, but I couldn’t for the life of me do 10 push ups and struggled with eating disorders. Yes, Samara was on the swim team, but she was also a size 10-12. These days, we both have specific passions, ranging  from Competitive Fitness to Ironman Triathlons.  While our competitions may be different, we both provide each other support along the way each season. And we find that, more often than not, we run into similar stumbling blocks and learning points. We’ve pretty much done everything together since college, so we decided, why not blog together? We hope that you’ll join us on continuing our journey for a fit life.

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