Saturday, April 9, 2011

When to wear your race day t-shirt

Is it wrong to wear your race day t-shirt before the race actually takes place? I have a 5K on Sunday morning, but I picked up the packet on Tuesday and the race t-shirt ROCKS! I couldn’t stand it just sitting there on the kitchen table, so when I packed my gym bag this morning, I threw it in alongside the shirt I’d already picked out. At the gym…I had to make a decision…

The Jinx
I run mostly for exercise and not necessarily speed, but to better myself. I never go to a ‘race’ and intend (or expect) to win. So, if one should not wear the t-shirt before the race in order to avoid jinxing yourself, I don’t really fall into that category. What am I really going to jinx…my easy to medium paced jog?
The Reward
Is it uncouth to wear it prior to the race because you haven’t actually ‘earned’ the right yet? The t-shirt could be considered a reward for your hard work. So, maybe you should not wear it until you’ve fully earned the right, by completing the race! And what if you sleep in on race day and miss it - can you still wear the shirt afterwards?
The Label
I read somewhere that it is dorky to wear your race t-shirt to the actual race. I can’t remember a time that I ever wore it during the actual race, however sometimes I do like to wear it as my ‘clean’ shirt after the race is over and for the ride home. And the ride home often includes a stop at an eatery to which I don’t normally earn a trip; but in the special event of burning extra calories that day, I get to stop and partake. And I like knowing in the back of my head that people in the eatery know that I’ve earned my meal and THAT’s why I am there that day! J
The Exhibitionist
And how soon after the race is it appropriate to wear the shirt? Is it too showy to wear it the next day? Or should you be so proud of your accomplishment that you share it with others? I tend to lean towards waiting a week or so to throw it into my repertoire; so as not to seem like a race snob; non-racers who are working out are good people too…they might just not have such a cool shirt!
My Choice
With all this said, I chose to wear it on my run today. I felt a little apprehensive when I walked past people because I didn’t want them to see the date, clearly in bold, on the shirt. But, I loved running in it and can’t wait until a week from Monday to add it to my workout cycle! Hopefully I haven’t jinxed myself…

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