Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Heart rates and Hotels - why is it so hard to exercise while traveling?

I Just got back from 10 days of traveling for work, the majority of it was spend in dreary Buffalo Ny.  I'm sure Buffalo is beautiful sometimes, but it was in the 40's and raining for my whole trip...so yes, dreary is the right description.  When I packed my suitcase, I had every intention of working out every day...maybe even twice a day!!  I packed sneakers, workout clothes my travel set of bands and jumprope and my TRX.  I also always have music on my ipod if I want to run through an areobics class or go for a run. I boarded the plane with high hopes!  However, it was a completely different story when I landed in Buffalo that evening.  I was dehydrated, exhuasted, grumpy and had a headache.  Needless to say I went straight to bed.  The next day I was in a conference all day and was so mentally out of it after a long day that I again went straight to bed.... Well, Weds. morning I woke up and said enough is enough, I was going to workout no matter what!  I reminded myself all day through meetings and phone calls that I could not back out of it tonight, I was going to work out.  I can't honestly say that I was looking forward too it..... So, around 6 pm, I forced myself to change into workout clothes, take my equipment to the hotel "gym" and see what sort of workout I could piece together. To my pleasant surprise they had a complete gym that actually sold memberships to the public so it was full of people from the surrounding neighborhood enjoying their workouts.  I was able to get a great weight/TRX workout in and then jumped in a Zumba class! How fun! and what a great surprise! I had expected to end up in one of those storage closets with one broken treadmill and a swiss ball that most hotels pass off as a gym and I found a fitness lover's paradise!  haha!  The point of the story is, I know it's super tough to find the energy and motivation to workout while you are traveling. Trust me, I know you're tired, disoriented by the time zone change, dehydrated, off your schedule, off your regular diet and probably stressed by all the work you are doing.  However, if you can find the discipline to force yourself to just lace up the sneakers and start, you'll probably feel a whole lot better and you'll be surprised at what a great workout you can really have while on the road!  So, next time you are traveling, take heart! It's do-able! traveling doesn't have to mean that we lose ground on our never ending journey to fitness:)  How do you all workout when you are traveling? any tips and tricks? I'd love to hear them!!!

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