Friday, June 10, 2011

Clean Eating on the Road ~ can it be done?

ME and I started our road trip out west yesterday; we’re heading to Houston to link up with the other half of HFE, Kelly, for a week! I’ll be taking a week of yoga training and ME will be prospecting our living arrangements for the next <year in College Station. So, we’re spending two days on the road while I’m on the sugar free challenge and Matt’s on his clean eating plan; how are we managing, might you ask? Well, with some quick prior planning, we’re managing just fine, thanks.
Here’s what we’re living on:
~ Sammy’s Creamy Tuna Salad
~ Prepped salad mix
~ Sliced veggies (peeled cucumbers, celery, and carrots)
~ Almonds (a new awesome flavor -Habanero BBQ- I happened upon)
The above is what we eat while driving. We ate at Outback last night and had lean proteins and veggies while we wallowed away as our Miami Heat managed to lose yet another game! This morning, we had the perfect breakfast provided by our Residence Inn: eggs (scrambled and hard boiled), canadian bacon (my Zone loving mother would be so proud!), and fresh melon. We couldn’t have been more blessed, as I’m sure tomorrow they’ll have some nice fatty sausage in lieu of the canadian bacon - while delicious, not on today’s diet plan! ;)
Click here to try my easy Samara’s Creamy Tuna Salad.

Full disclosure: I've never road tripped without living on fast food before! So, we can all try something new!

~ Samara

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