Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Day 6 Sugar Free Challenge

So, yesterday, I stepped off the sugar free train; and the worst part: there was no real reason for it. I planned for my morning out on the town by bringing pre-cooked oatmeal, mixed with unsweetened almond milk and cinnamon alongside two hard boiled eggs. I went off on my day teaching classes, running errands, and a doctor’s appointment. During my errands, at Walrgreen’s, one of the weekly free specials was a SoBe Zero Calorie Water...which means sugar substitute. I planned to just stock that at home for after the sugar free challenge. Well, I got out to the car and as soon as I realized I was thirsty, had the choice between warm water from my Camelbak or the nice COLD and REFRESHING SoBe Water in the seat next to me. What do you think I chose? Yup, the SoBe water. Blasted! 

I’d love to say that was my only step off, but it got worse. When I finally got home from my final class of the day and it was lunchtime, I opened the fridge. Neither the yummy tuna salad (I’ll post the recipe later) from Sunday’s lunch or the roasted chicken breasts from the dinner called to me. What did? A hot dog! Yup! My favorite food. I bought two packs (they were BOGO last week, of course) to use as a cheat meal, but alas, I found one in my belly! I wanted another one, but forced myself to wait 20 minutes and see if I was really hungry for one...and of course I wasn’t. So, what did I learn from this? That I’m still not 100% in control of my will power. My solution...what I’ve done before, kept these things out of the house so they don’t tempt me. However, so as not to waste food, I’ve thrown them in the freezer so I’ll at least be forced to plan ahead if I want to cheat again. :)
My goal today is to try out the Crazy Granola Bar recipe that Spoonful of Sugar Free posted a few months ago. They look great and should help to power me through all of my classes without the added sugar! 
How do you keep yourself from being tempted by these little setbacks? Have you found some new quick recipes to get you through your busy schedule and still remain on track? Please share!

~ Samara 

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