Thursday, June 16, 2011

Meditation - is it for you?

I’ve never gotten into meditation before. The closest I can say that I have has been praying. But, until this week, I’d never been led through meditation as a guided visualization or concentration exercise. As I’m spending the week in yoga teacher training, we begin each day with one of these two methods of meditation. And in this short time, I’ve already realized many of the benefits. The first is just to clear the mind. I will readily admit (and ME will back me up, I’m sure), I can often empty the mind and find myself day dreaming or simply thinking of nothing. However, it’s completely different when you are being led through a guided concentration. I’ve found that focusing on creating a still mind brings the body into such a relaxation and clear direction that it provides much more benefit to the body. In just the few times that we’ve meditated this week, I’ve come out with peace, decisions, and answers to questions of the heart.

 I am a baby in the exploration of meditation, but am excited to pursue it further and learn more about the benefits.
Have you participated in meditation? What have you learned? Do you have your own form of meditation?

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Things I'm Thankful for today:
Restful sleep
Free Tickets to baseball games
Triple coupons
Roasted Red Pepper Hummus
Watching Lily lick MEs face to wake him up

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