Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Day One - Sugar Free Challenge - Don’t Freak Out!

Today is Day One of the 10 Day Sugar Free Challenge co-hosted by our friend, RunToTheFinish, and My Note to Self Today: Don’t Freak Out! 
Honestly, I don’t eat a lot of added sugar, however, when you get down to line items, as a fitness instructor, I live on protein shakes and energy bars to get me through multiple classes each day. I also rely on sports drinks to replenish all of the electrolytes I’m losing during multiple Spin classes - these three key items in my diet rely on sugar substitutes! So, when I realized that in order to do full sugar free for 10 days, I would have to cut these out of my diet, I freaked out a little. :) 
 After discussing it with ME and Kelly, and being reminded that we each need to do what’s best for our own bodies, I’ve decided to do a modified sugar free cleanse. Because Kelly is focused on building muscle in preparation for competition season, she’s cutting out all sugars and sugar substitutes with the exception of protein shakes. I am going to attempt to do the same. In lieu of my electrolyte drinks, I’m taking Salt/Electrolyte Tabs (which I normally only use during long/hot cardio sessions or during endurance races). To help fuel me through back to back classes at the gym, I’m going to use fruit and nuts. We’ll see how that feels after a few days of my new crazy gym schedule. We’ll keep you posted! Don’t Freak Out! (just a reminder)
 Are you joining us on the sugar free challenge? If so, what are your challenges? What are your plans to overcome them? 
With some prior planning and thought, I know we can do this!

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