Friday, June 17, 2011

Is this food good for me?

I was reading Everday Food last night and saw this disturbing note from a Cornell University study: that people thought that food stamped “organic” was healthier than another version that was not certified organic. Specifically, they believed that organic cookies had half the calories and more fiber than identical non-organic cookies! Yikes!

Kelly and I strive to eat organic foods when we can, as we are continually learning to be more aware of the things that we put into our body. But it still takes a mindful eye while shopping (and really, while creating your shopping list beforehand) to determine what your body actually needs, what is healthy, and what is, in Kel's words, ‘poison’ to your body (no matter how good it tastes). Yes, that’s a little dramatic, but some of us need that shock to be forced to see what we are doing to this vessel we’ve been given; our body.
There are several vegans and ovo lactos in my yoga teacher training class, as one would expect. During yesterday’s lunch, we had an interesting discussion led by one student about how he used to be a ‘Dorito vegan’ when he started; In order to cut out meat from his diet, he just lived on Doritos! He has since learned, and instilled within him, that to be vegan for him is more than just the shift away from meat, but also towards healthful eating.
I think this is an important shift in one’s mind that we could all strive to reach. Have you ever found yourself reaching for something that is labeled ‘organic’ or even ‘low fat’ only to realize that it may be worse for you than the original version? What steps do you take to be more mindful while shopping?

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