Monday, June 13, 2011

FRIENDS - They can make you or break you!

Happy Monday everyone!  I love Monday's because it's a fresh start and everyone comes to the gym to make up for that extra burger and beer they had over the weekend:)  The topic of friends and how they can really make or break your fitness goals comes up quite often with my clients.  Often, when they start their journey towards a new healthy fit lifestyle, they find that their friends are not willing to go down that path with them.  Their friends don't understand why they dont want use food and alcohol for entertainment anymore, or why they want to go to the gym instead of Chili's on a Friday night.  They conjole you, "come on, ONE margarita won't hurt......a FEW cheesey Fries is not going to ruin your diet...."  It's tough, all of a sudden my clients sometimes feel like they've lost a shared interest with old friends.  My advice to them has always been to suggest healthier options to their friends. For example, instead of catching up with your girlfriend over a few beers, why not meet at the park and catch up while taking a brisk walk? If that doesn't work and you are feeling pressure from your old friends/family to mantain that old lifestyle that got you to the point you are at now......find new friends.  True friends should be supportive and help you to reach whatever goals you are aimming for.  I'm so blessed to be surrounded by people who care about me reaching my goals.  They support my healthy lifestyle and even putting up with me while dieting for competitions.  If you read Sam's last post, you already know she and ME are staying with me for a week and although all three of us are on extremely different (but clean) eating plans right now, we are all working to keep each other accountable, make sure the right foods and the right quantities are in the house and that we are getting out workouts in.  It's a huge weight off my shoulders to not have to worry that they won't approve of my lifestyle:)  Do you have supportive friends/family in your life or is it time to make some new friends ( always a good idea!!)  If you are struggling and need some new buddies to share your new found interests/priorities, why not meet some people by joining a gym, run club, 5K, blogs like this:) Fitness is a social activity, make the most of it!!! I'd love to hear from you! -Kelly

Things I'm grateful for today:
a big apple
Best Friends
Texas Sunshine

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