Thursday, May 12, 2011

Magnets - is this for real??

OK, I may be crazy, but I put magnets in my shoes and my feet are feeling better?!?! What's causing this? Is it all in my head?  Let me back up a bit.  I've always struggled with shin splints and tight calves. Then about a year ago, I started incorporating Vibram Five Fingers into my workouts and my shins feel great!  I don't used the Five Fingers for distance, just occasional short runs, sprints and some workouts in the gym.  Samara was using them for the same types of workouts.  Then, In Jan., she was derailed! She started complaining about foot pain and the Dr. suggested Plantar Fac.  Was/Is that the problem, I don't know, but she's been in a bit of pain and rarely running since. Then, about a month ago, the inside of my calves and my feet start killing me!  I tried stretching, soaking, strengthening, buying new shoes for teaching class; everything!  As a last straw, JB bought both Samara and I a pair of those magnet soles to put in our shoes....yeah we giggled behind our backs at him.  Sometimes I label him "the witch dr" because he always comes up with these unorthodox solutions for all my ailments.  However, this time, I was convinced that his "solution" wouldn't fix my feet problems.  Well, Lo and Behold, I started wearing them around the house and my feet immediately felt better! I still didn't believe it so I tried wearing them for a walk/ pain.  Ok, the real test will be if I wear them for Body Jam and to teach Body Attack.  NO PAIN!  Granted, my feet were a bit sore and tight that night after class, but during class, I felt none of that calf pain or stabbing foot pain.  How can this be?  Did the Voodoo Dr. put a spell on those soles?  Do magnets really work?  Is it a placebo effect thing going on?  I asked Mr. Google for some answers and I couldn't find any conclusive research to say whether magnets work or not?? What do you think?  Am I cured....or crazy?? ha! Either way, I'm looking forward to some pain free cardio today at lunch and again tonight! 

My good friend over at always finishes her posts with a gratitude log, I love this idea and am going to steal it:) Thanks Amanda!  What are you grateful for today?  Let me know!!

Things I'm grateful for right now
Chocolate Banana Almond butter smoothies
Light Traffic on the way into work
Perfect Texas Sunshine

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