Monday, May 23, 2011

Spreading yourself thin is too thin?

So, recently I was feeling a bit run down and couldn't figure out why, I'm eating clean, I'm taking my vitamins, what could be the problem?  Then I started adding up all my weight training sessions, cardio sessions, hours teaching aerobics, hours training clients, hours at my regular job....YIKES, it added up to more then 24 hrs a day!  Ha! Not really, but it seems like it.  I've been shorting myself on sleep here and there so I can fit everything in.  Lack of sleep plays a huge role in everything, including your immune system, your energy levels, your mental state, your ability to lose (or gain) weight and your zest for life.  So, this week, I'll focus on getting into bed a little earlier. 
Sleep, however,  isn't the only downtime we need to recharge our batteries.  For maximum results in our fitness endeavours, we need enough physical recovery and enough mental recovery.

Physical recovery -  This means you really need to plan out your workouts smartly!  No, you can't train legs two days in a row and no your can't run 15 miles Monday afternoon and lift legs Tuesday morning.  You get the picture.  Aim for around 48 hrs of physical rest for each body part after you train. 
Mental recovery - You can't be 100% focused, Eyes on the prize, 100% percent of the time.  You need to have some time where you can totally unwind. This means time where you are not thinking about work, kids, workouts, diets etc.  You have to find what works for you, is it a hot bath? a few hours of mindless TV? meditation? a massage? shopping?  Find what works for you and actually schedule that downtime in your weekly activity.  You'll find that your head is fresh and clear and you'll be more ready to give 100% to those other tasks! 

What do you do for downtime?  Are you scheduling enough recovery (both types) into your week?  Let me know, I could use a few suggestions!!!

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  1. Does this mean only watching a certain team when they're on the East Coast?