Friday, May 13, 2011

Who We Strive to Be

Who do you strive to be when you grow older? A few weeks ago, Kelly and I took a weekend trip to visit her aunt and uncle. They have always been so generous to us and took us under their wings in our lowest of times. Yet again, they shared their generosity by taking us out for a birthday celebration weekend on their new yacht…yes, you heard me correctly, yacht. We docked the boat at a beautiful resort on the Rappahannock River, called The Tides Inn. (If you ever find yourself in the area, plan a night there to pamper yourself…perhaps we’ll review the property and amenities later…) We woke up early the morning we stayed there to workout. We found our way to the fitness center, a small house overlooking an inlet. It had a decent line-up of equipment; enough to tide you over on a short weekend.

But we weren’t there to use the equipment; Kelly was finally going to give me a BodyAttack class. So, we moved aside some equipment and made some room for some serious business! We cranked up the music and proceeded to Attack over the next 45 minutes. It was an awesome, butt-kicking workout, but the best part was that mid-way through the first track, an older woman came into the gym. We think she was about 85 or so, and as soon as she saw what we were doing, she came over and jumped right in. And I mean JUMP! She did so great. She was jumping, stepping, kicking and knocking out push ups…actually better than I was! We were genuinely impressed with our new friend! When we finished, we briefly chatted with her and then she proceeded to take her printed workout over to the gym equipment and do the daily workout that she’d planned to do when she came in. Impressive! She looked great. Her physical ability was spectacular and she was full of energy!

Who will you be when you’re 85! I hope we are just like her! Living and Loving Life and Remaining Healthy and Fit!  

Do you have any role models who you use as motivation for your life?


  1. Somedays I just hope I can still walk when I'm 85 based on the ways I manage to randomly hurt myself. I love seeing the seniors at races who blow many of us out of the water, it's very inspiring and proves you don't have to stop with age

  2. That is so cool. There's a 70something woman in my yoga class that kicks my butt every week. I'm not giving up- I hope I'm that awesome when I'm older!

  3. Amanda/Bec, I know right! I feel guilty for grumbling about feeling old some mornings! The "Greastest Generation" is still teaching us so much, it seems:) keep living your fittest life! -K